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Live Classroom Training

How Do I Register for System Administrator Certification or Revenue Cycle Management Training's?

In order to register for a Live Classroom Training Event such as the System Administrator Certification Program or Revenue Cycle Management courses you will need to visit the Events Calendar and choose the scheduled event you'd like to attend. Click the link to the product and select the blue register button in the right hand corner of the page. Proceed to the checkout area and SELECT INVOICE FROM THE PAYMENT METHOD DROPDOWN FOR DETAILS ON INVOICING AND CANCELLATIONS. Invoicing is the only payment method accepted by Qualifacts at this time. CLICK PLACE MY ORDER and you are done. You'll receive an email confirmation once the process is complete.

Another way to register for a course is to visit the catalog and select Search by Category, select Live Classroom Training Events, pick the one you would like to attend and select view, then click the blue register button in the right hand corner. Use the Invoice/or Check payment method as listed above.

How do I proceed through the registration process without using a credit card?

Invoicing is the only payment method accepted by Qualifacts at this time,so you don't have to worry about having a credit card. Simply select Invoice/or Check from the payment method dropdown at checkout read the cancellation policy, and click Place my Order. You will receive a confirmation email when the process is complete.

What if I want to pay using a credit card?

Unfortunately at this time we can only invoice customers for these courses, we are working with our vendor to simplify and streamline the process for all customers by removing the credit card option all together.

When will my agency be billed?

Your agency will be billed through your regular billing cycle after the completion of the course.

Can these courses be cancelled?

These regional course offerings are subject to minimum attendance requirements, if minimum attendance requirements are not met the course will be cancelled. You will be notified 30-45 days in advance (in most cases) if the course is to be cancelled you will not be invoiced.

Who should I contact for more details about courses?

You can contact or for more details on courses or how to register.